Last updated: Mar 25th, 2011.

The HTC Bee is rumored to be the CDMA version of the HTC Wildfire. It's a compact phone with a 3.2 inch screen and Android 2.1 on board.

Nothing is known about release date or pricing, but it should be dropping on Verizon soon.

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HTC Bee and Desire for Alltel Launching Soon with Arrival of Dummies

Another dummy unit spotting! Today, Alltel seems ready to showcase the HTC Bee and the HTC Desire in all its nonfunctional glory. Rumors have pegged releases of these phones on the once Verizon-owned network for quite some time, and while we still have yet to learn anything official, this is as much proof as anyone …

HTC Bee ROM Leak Indicates Phone Headed to Verizon, Alltel

We haven’t heard much about the HTC Bee since it showed up next to the Lexikon in an earlier leak. Today, a new leak gives us an early press render of the phone without any carrier branding, but a look at the phone’s ROM shows signs of this thing headed to Alltel. It’s worthy to …

Bee and Lexicon Offer Two New Mysterious HTC Handsets Running Froyo

Two new mysterious devices have just been stumbled upon, the HTC Bee and the HTC Lexicon/Lexikon. The only thing we have to go off of at this point are some limited technical specs, but this seems to be the first time we have heard of either phone. Both look to be geared as mid-range devices, …