Dell Thunder

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

Meet what will likely become the first super-charged Dell Android Phone - the Dell Thunder. With a 4.1 WVGA OLED screen, 8MP camera, Flash 10.1, and dedicated Hulu client, the Thunder is set to make a lot of noise when it launches in late 2010.

Right now it's only a rumor, but if it holds true we'll see it on AT&T late this year and on CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint early 2011.

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Dell Venue Passes the FCC, Thunder by Another Name

While word came out earlier in the week that the Dell Venue Pro could be getting an Android version, an FCC filing is pegging a non-Pro version in the form of a rebranded Dell Thunder. As you may recall, the Dell Thunder is an Android phone carrying the same design and spec features of the …

Dell Thunder Prototype Gets Extensive Hands-On Treatment

Engadget finally said “Enough of the blurrycam crap: get us a Dell Thunder prototype,” and thus came to light this extensive hands-on look at the prototype of the very same Dell Thunder they leaked to the world months ago. Taking a deeper look into the hardware (as the software is pretty much stock Android 1.6, …

Here are a Few Early Shots of the Dell Thunder

You’ve seen the video, now re-live the experience in brilliant, leaked-photo glory. These early pictures of the Dell Thunder don’t do much to shed any more light on the specs and features of the upcoming device, but they should do to hold those interested in the device over. Check out more at the source link …

Dell Thunder Prototype Gets Some Early Camera Time

Yay, blurrycam! This morning, the Dell Thunder – which we last heard about after a series of big Android-based Dell leaks back in April – has finally popped back up in video form. Not much is shown here – a quick closing of the application drawer and a swipe of the homescreen were all we …