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Last updated: Dec 29th, 2010.

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Cisco Cius Picks Up 4G LTE, Heads to Verizon

The Cisco Cius has been bouncing around flashing its enterprise tablet status for the better part of a year, but only recently started teaming up with mobile carriers on the release of the slate. AT&T will host an HSPA+ Cius later in the year, and now Verizon is announcing they will carry their own version …

Cisco Introduces AppHQ for their Cius Tablet

Cisco is furthering the enterprise reach of their Cius tablet by introducing AppHQ, a proprietary app marketplace than can be used to generate custom storefronts tailored towards a particular business’ needs. The goal is to provide enterprise users with a secure, private market that will allow for greater productivity through business-specific applications while giving IT …

AT&T to Sell the Cisco Cius Tablet this Fall

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Cisco Cius, but the tablet is once again making the rounds thanks to news that AT&T is getting an HSPA+ version, which should become available this fall. You may remember the enterprise slate designed with corporations in mind and focused on providing a video calling platform …

Cisco Cius Tablet Hits the FCC

Cisco is more of a quiet player in the Android world right now. They’ve long been talking about their Cius tablet but have been taking their time on engineering it. The tablet is set to be part of a bigger office package for business professionals who need a desk phone that’s more than just a …

Cisco Cius Tablet Coming Q4 for Twice the Price of an iPad

Cisco’s pricing for their Cius video-conferencing and collaboration tablet has been outed by a FAQ sent to developers, and it won’t have mercy on your wallet. Expect to shell out a whopping $1000 for this thing once it sees limited availability sometime this quarter. I can’t say we’re surprised by this revelation considering who will …