Acer Liquid MT

Last updated: Mar 9th, 2011.

The Acer Liquid MT - formerly known as the Acer Liquid Metal - is a solid mid-range Android device. It comes with an attractive body and a healthy set of specs that, while not blowing anybody away, is sure to mix features and price for a great value.

With a 3.6-inch WVGA screen, 5MP camera, 3.5mm headset jack, and 800MHz processor running Android 2.3 amongst other things, the Acer Liquid MT stacks up nicely against the middle-of-the-road competition.

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Acer Liquid Metal’s Official Gingerbread ROM Leaked

A user by the name of “LIQUID_USER” at MoDaCo has uploaded a leak of Acer’s Gingerbread ROM for the Acer Liquid MT (Metal.) The device launched with Android 2.2 a couple of months ago, and although we haven’t heard a bunch about its success it seems it did well enough for Acer to continue supporting …

Acer Liquid Metal Hands-on and Impressions [MWC] [VIDEO]

The Acer Liquid Metal doesn’t really do anything special software wise, but it’s the hardware that its name is derived from. The phone is constructed of mostly aluminum, but a unibody design it isn’t. Still, all of the materials come together to make a nice looking phone that anyone would want to carry around.Perhaps the …

AT&T and T-Mobile Considering the Acer Liquid Metal?

Brighthand is reporting that a senior Acer official noted that the Acer Liquid Metal might be heading to the United States sometime soon at the company’s Q&A session following their press announcement last week (where we were treated to two new Android tablets and a new Android handset.) Rogers is said to be getting the …

Acer Liquid Metal Goes Official for November, £299 in the UK

Here we are, just a few leaks later: Acer’s just announced the existence of the Acer Liquid Metal. We got an early look at the specs inside this thing before, but we can confirm that every bit of what we’ve heard has turned out to be true. It’ll have a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen, an 800 …

FCC Listing Outs Froyo and AT&T Bands for Acer Liquid Metal S120

The Acer Liquid Metal recently took a stroll through the FCC dropping plenty of info behind it. The 3.6-inch handset with an 800MHz processor can now be officially confirmed to reside in the realm of Froyo, while GSM/EDGE 850/1900 and WCDMA Band II and V give this phone a fighting chance for AT&T. The phone …

Acer Liquid Metal and Android Tablet Imaged in the Wild

A couple images have popped up of some upcoming Acer Android devices, with a look at the Liquid Metal and a tablet from the manufacturer. The Liquid Metal is looking pretty good, keeping the same sort of aesthetics you might expect from a PC turned smartphone manufacturer in the same vein as Dell’s recent Android …

Acer Liquid Metal’s Front-Side Exposed

When we first heard about the Acer Liquid Metal, we wondered why a shot of the front of the device was nowhere to be found. It’s ready to show its face to the world, though, as another shot of the partially-aluminum phone from Acer has just leaked out again. The only problem with this picture …

Acer Liquid Metal Confirmed and Dated For October

The Acer Liquid Metal that leaked the other day has apparently been confirmed by a representative of Acer’s in the UK, so says ElectricPig. Some new details have been confirmed: they say it “features a metal backplate,” confirming the suspicions of many saying the entire phone doesn’t look to be entirely metal.Also confirmed (and what …