Google’s latest Pixel Feature Drop comes with a bunch of updates


While we’re waiting for Android 15 to be released, the good news is that if you own one of Google’s Pixel devices, there’s a new update that you can check out. Google has announced the latest Pixel Feature Drop for its Pixel family of devices, and here are some of the changes you can expect.

Pixel phones

Starting with Google’s Pixel phones, it looks like the update is finally bringing Gemini Nano to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a. Google had previously stated that Gemini Nano would not be available for the Pixel 8. They later changed their minds and the latest Pixel Feature Drop will bring new AI capabilities to the phone (and the Pixel 8a).

Google will also be adding Display Port support so users can easily connect their phones to a larger screen. Other new software features include reverse phone number lookup, summarize in the record, and an update to Find My Device which will now allow users to locate misplaced Pixel 8 or Pixel Pro devices even when they’re powered off.

Pixel Watch

In addition to the Pixel phones, the Pixel Feature Drop will also include updates to the Pixel Watch. Owners of Google’s wearable can look forward to new features like car crash detection and bike fall detection. The smartwatch will also support PayPal Wallet.

For those who use Google Home, there will be a new Wear OS Tile for Google Home which allows users quick access to their smart home devices. There’s also new Watch Face Complications for Google Home, as well as new ways for users to control their smart home devices using their smartwatch.

Pixel Tablet

Last but not least, there’s a small update available for the Pixel Tablet. This comes in the form of Doorbell Notifications. When the Pixel Tablet is docked in hub mode, it can take snapshots of users at their front door. This is assuming that you own a smart video doorbell that can take photos.

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