Don’t expect any design changes to the Pixel Watch 3


When Google launched the Pixel Watch 2, the design of the smartwatch appeared to be the same as its predecessor. There were some slight changes, but for the most part it looked the same. If you were hoping the Pixel Watch 3 will be different, then these new leaks might be disappointing.

According to a post by 91mobiles, they have shared alleged renders of the upcoming Pixel Watch 3 which they made in collaboration with @OnLeaks. Assuming these renders are the real deal, it looks near identical. It should be noted that 91mobiles and @OnLeaks have an excellent track record when it comes to these leaks, so there’s a chance it could be the real deal.

Image credit – @OnLeaks x 91mobiles

We have to say that we’re a bit disappointed by these leaks. We get that coming up with a new design requires new molds and a redesign of the internals. This could be a costly affair, but to keep the same design for three generations feels borderline lazy. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the potential to be a good smartwatch.

There could be changes under the hood and with the software that will make it an excellent wearable. But that’s something we’ll have to wait and see. Assuming Google launches the Pixel Watch 3 the same time as they did with the Pixel Watch 2 in 2023, we still have a few more months to go.

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