Did Apple Forget to Include RCS Support in the iOS 18 Beta?


So with Apple finally offering users the chance to experience iOS 18 via a beta version on their devices, a lot of users have decided to go ahead and install the beta on their phones, with the expectation of being able to try all of the new features ahead of the scheduled Fall release, albeit with possibly buggy consequences.

With that being said, it looks like some users have not been able to access the RCS feature on their beta-equipped iPhones, with reports of RCS either “missing” or “not working” on their end. Apple has yet to come out with an official statement on the matter, although given the “barely there” mention of RCS during today’s WWDC event, we’re not expecting any clarification, at least anytime soon.

For those unfamiliar with the whole issue, Apple has long refused to adopt RCS messaging, despite it being the modern standard used by nearly all other smartphone manufacturers these days. The company’s “walled garden” method extends to its iMessage service, which comes with features locked solely for iPhone users.

With that said though, some users have reported that they’ve been able to access RCS messaging on their iPhone with the iOS 18 beta, although this clearly hasn’t been the case with everyone. Perhaps we’ll see more people get to use the feature in the coming days.

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