Anker recalls several products over fire safety risks


Anker makes some pretty great products. This includes accessories for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Unfortunately, it seems that the company has run into some issues with some of its products. This has led to Anker announcing a recall of some of their devices over fire safety risks.

This includes the 321 Power Bank, which apparently due to a manufacturing defect, poses a fire safety risk for users. The company says that the defect can cause the lithium-ion battery to overheat, which in turn could melt some of the plastic components and cause smoke and fire hazards.

In addition to the 321 Power Bank, the company also announced the recall of the Soundcore A3102 speaker and AnkerWork A3302 speakerphone over similar safety concerns. If you happen to own any of these products, details on how to check if you need to send them back can be found on Anker’s website.

If your product is one of the affected models, the company says that you should stop using it immediately. Anker also warns customers against simply tossing it out. Due to the fire hazard these devices pose, tossing them out could end up causing problems for someone else. Instead, if you do just want to toss them out, you should look for a facility that accepts the disposal of lithium batteries.

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