Humane is trying to sell themselves to HP for a lot of money


Humane launched the AI Pin wearable last year to a lot of hype and anticipation. Suffice to say that it did not live up to expectations. While it held a lot of potential in concept, in reality it was a different story. So much so that Humane was reportedly trying to sell itself off, and now word on the street has it that they want HP to buy them out.

According to a report from The New York Times, Humane started talking to HP about getting bought out. Apparently the company is looking for $750 million to $1 billion, which is honestly a lot of money for a company whose product hasn’t exactly sold very well. The report claims that Humane initially aimed to sell 100,000 units of its AI Pin this year, but fell way short of that goal.

It was estimated that the company had only received about 10,000 orders so far. Some of the tech and possible patents used to develop the AI Pin could have some value, but for it to be worth $1 billion? We think that’s a bit of a stretch.

HP has been pretty active in the consumer space selling devices like computers and printers. The company hasn’t really ventured much into the mobile space, save for 2010 where they acquired Palm and webOS. That deal was worth $1.2 billion and was later sold off to LG. We imagine that the company probably isn’t too eager to drop another $1 billion on something that has yet to be proven to be successful.

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