Max Raises Subscription Prices for Viewers


Not too long after music platform Spotify announced its second price hike within the same year, it looks like Max (formerly HBO Max) has likewise decided to charge a bit more for paying subscribers, which will be effective immediately.

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With that in mind, the base-tier ad-free plan will now cost $17 per month, with an annual price of $170. Meanwhile, Max’s ultimate ad-free plan will now come priced at $21 per month, or $210 annually. The ultimate plan does come with some perks for viewers, including support for 4K UHD streaming and simultaneous streaming for up to four different devices.

Interestingly though, the Max With Ads plan will stays at 10 bucks per month, or $100 per year. It should be noted that current monthly subscribers will see a price increase on their next billing cycle, while yearly subscribers will continue to pay for the lower price until their plan is up for renewal.

Popular shows in Max’s lineup of content include Game of Thrones as well as its prequel series House of the Dragon, and the TV adaptation of Sony’s Last of Us video game franchise.

Source: Engadget

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