Here’s when you might be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Ring

samsung smart ring

Earlier in the year, Samsung confirmed that they are working on a new wearable in the form of the Galaxy Ring. But there is the question of when will it be released and available for purchase? If you’re thinking of getting the Galaxy Ring, it seems that you might be able to buy it this August.

This information was discovered in a legal complaint as part of Samsung’s lawsuit against Oura. According to the complaint, there’s a section that talks about the Galaxy Ring. It says that Samsung has completed the design of the wearable and mass production is slated for mid-June 2024. It also mentions that they plan to sell the Galaxy Ring in the US around August.

The complaint makes no mention of specific dates, but we at least have a rough idea of when it could be released. Take note that plans can change. Samsung could shift the release date if they run into manufacturing issues, but until they do, August is the month to look out for.

We’re also not surprised at the timeline. Samsung is rumored to host a new Galaxy Unpacked event this July. The event will unveil the company’s new foldables, but we expect details about the Galaxy Ring, like when you can buy it, will also be covered at the event.

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