Apple’s “I’m a Mac” Guy Swears Fealty to Qualcomm


While it seems that the “PC wars” has now shifted from Windows vs Mac to an ongoing face-off between Arm vs x86, some aspects of the accompanying culture war remain the same. One good example is the launch of Qualcomm’s latest adverts for its new Snapdragon X chips for Windows, with the San Diego company teasing an ad which brings us back to the days of yore.

For those of you too young to remember, one of Apple’s most well-known marketing campaigns for its Mac line of computers back in the day involved a skit with actors John Hodgman and Justin Long, who each represented PC and Mac computers, respectively. As the commercials would go, Long would highlight some of the things that Mac computers supposedly did better than Windows PCs, and so on.

“Things change” though, which is the same line that Long utters in his latest ad, now with Qualcomm. In the short commercial, he’s seen swatting away at Mac-styled notifications, before doing a quick internet search on where to buy a Snapdragon-powered computer. It’s quite a surprising and likewise amusing turn of events, and does make for a light-hearted throwback of sorts.

With that being said though, Long has also appeared in several ads for Intel years before, which leads us to wonder as to where his true allegiances lie. In any case, Qualcomm is going heavy into its new marketing campaigns for its Snapdragon X series, which is claimed to outperform Apple’s M-series chipsets.

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