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Sunseeker Orion X7: Mowing your lawn just got a lot less tedious


If you live in a house that has a backyard and/or a front yard with a lawn, then you know that maintaining it is key. This is especially so if you live in a place that has a resident’s association. Usually there are rules when it comes to maintaining your lawn in order to keep things looking neat. We know that mowing the lawn can be a chore, but you could change your mind with the Sunseeker Orion X7 robot lawn mower.

Completely wireless and automated

For those who have used a robot vacuum cleaner before, then you can think of the Orion X7 as being the equivalent, except that it’s for your lawn. The operation of the Orion X7 couldn’t be simpler. It is completely wireless which means that you don’t need to find a power source to plug it into. You also don’t need to worry about things like fueling up your lawn mower.

The lawn mower can be controlled using the accompanying smartphone app. This means that even if you’re not home, you can set it to work and come home to freshly cut grass. You can also use it to set schedules in case you’re too busy. This is perfect for when you might be traveling for an extended period of time and don’t want to come home to a lawn overgrown with weeds.

Through the app, users can configure things like the boundaries of the lawn mower. If you’re worried about it potentially encroaching onto your neighbor’s yard, or if there’s an area that you’d like it to avoid like your vegetable garden, you can.

All-wheel design with floating dual-blade design

Now, everyone’s property is different. You might live on very flat ground, or you might live in an area where the ground isn’t so even or even slightly hilly. This is inconsequential to the Sunseeker Orion X7. This is thanks to the robot’s all-wheel design that gives it incredible traction.

In our video review, you can see that the Orion X7 has completely no issues with mowing grass on an incline plane. It can move about freely and it is extremely stable. It can mow on slopes as steep as 28-degrees. On a sidenote, if you require mowing on a steeper plane, the Orion X7 Plus can actually go up to 35-degrees.

The lawn mower also features a dual-blade floating design. This allows it to trim your lawn at different heights. Speaking of heights, users can actually set the cutting height adjustment via the app, so if you want something more manicured, or if you want something a bit more free flowing, you have those options.

While in operation, the Orion X7 is also relatively more quiet. It goes for around 60dB, about 30dB or so quieter than traditional gas-powered lawn mowers. If you’re worried about waking up or disturbing your neighbors, this could be quite invaluable.

GPS Navigation and Vision

Robot vacuum cleaners usually come with some kind of obstacle detection system. This helps it avoid bumping into furniture or running over objects. These are similar features you can expect to find in the Sunseeker Orion X7 which comes with the company’s Vision AI system.

The Sunseeker Orion X7 uses RTK-GNSS satellite positioning data to know exactly where it is at all times while also relying on VSLAM visual technology to ensure there are no obstacles in the way. The RTK-GNSS satellite positioning allows the mower to create and follow extremely precise boundaries, ensuring a perfect mow every time. You can also use it to set routes that you want the Orion X7 to take between different areas of your yard.

The Orion X7 is also capable of recognizing a variety of objects with its VSLAM visual technology that you might find lying about on your lawn. This includes pets or wildlife, outdoor furniture, planters, or toys that your kids might have forgotten to take in. As it is an AI-based system, it is continuously learning and should, in theory, get better over time.

Smart and easy to maintain

Last but not least, let’s talk about maintenance. While it can mow your lawn for you, the Sunseeker Orion X7 can’t clean itself. Thankfully, easy maintenance is something Sunseeker has thought of.

The Orion X7 has a washable, waterproof design. This means that once it’s done and it’s looking a bit dirty, you can wash it off with water. It can also self-recharge when it detects that it is low on battery.

Another unique feature that will come in handy is its ability to detect when it rains. Cutting grass in the rain doesn’t make sense when everything is wet and sticks. When the Orion X7 detects it is raining, it can automatically return to its charging station.

Pricing & availability

So, if by the end of this review you are interested in getting your hands on the Sunseeker Orion X7, you can place an order for it via Sunseeker’s website. It is price at $2,399.99, which we know isn’t cheap, but considering how convenient and useful it is, it could be a good investment for the long-run.

Now, the good news is that ahead of Father’s Day, Sunseeker is actually running a Father’s Day promotion. If you purchase the Orion X7 from the official website, you will receive two boxes of lawn mower blades, a T-shirt, along with a $100 discount! This promotion will run from the 25th of May until the 16th of June.

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