Siri is about to get a massive AI overhaul


Siri has to be one of the worst virtual assistants on a smartphone that we’ve ever seen. Despite the numerous complaints, Apple has failed to improve on it following year after year of major iOS updates. But that could change this year, where a report from Bloomberg suggests that Siri could get a massive overhaul with the help of AI.

It is no secret that iOS 18 will have a heavy emphasis on AI. A recent rumor claims that Apple and OpenAI might have signed a deal where ChatGPT could help power some of iOS 18’s AI features.

According to this new report, Apple is expected to use AI to give Siri a much needed boost in functionality. One of the main changes is how users will be able to ask Siri to control individual app functions. Siri, like many virtual assistants, understands a limited set of commands. This is because Apple has programmed it that way.

But with the help of AI, Siri might be able to understand a larger variety of commands given in different formats. Think of it like you’re speaking to a human, where you could ask a person to do something for you in different ways, but it is all understood to be the same thing.

This means that users will have more voice control over their apps, which is also great from an accessibility standpoint. It remains to be seen how exactly this will play out. Apple has quite a spotty track record when it comes to new features so we are cautiously optimistic. Apple’s WWDC will take place in the coming weeks so we should have more details then.

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