Apple Rumored to Launch the Vision Pro Worldwide in July


Following its US-exclusive launch a while back, Apple’s Vision Pro headset hasn’t had the best time on the market, with reports of sales failing to meet the Cupertino tech giant’s expectations. It was even reported that the company had reduced its forecasted sales numbers, although new reports indicate that Apple still has faith in the Vision Pro yet.

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In fact, it’s now predicted that Apple will launch its $3500-headset worldwide in July, with stores in regions such as the UK already receiving shipments of the new headset. There’s even word that Apple might announce the international launch date during WWDC this coming June.

Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro several months ago was undeniably one of the more interesting trends in recent tech history. While VR and AR headsets aren’t a new kind of product or technology, Apple’s marketing slides and slickly-edited ads showcased the Vision Pro as some kind of second coming, somewhat akin to the launch of the original iPhone.

Unlike the iPhone though, the Vision Pro hasn’t achieved the same impact that Apple was hoping, at least in terms of sales. Whether or not a global launch could reverse this tide remains to be seen, although the device’s rather expensive price tag is undoubtedly proving to be a barrier for more “average” buyers.

Source: Mac Rumors

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