Samsung brings Galaxy AI to its wearables for better health monitoring


Following the release of Galaxy AI for its smartphones, Samsung has since announced that they will be expanding the availability of its AI by bringing it to its wearables. The company had previously confirmed that Galaxy AI will be coming to its smartwatches, but it looks like they are getting ready to launch the beta next month.

According to Samsung, they will be combining Galaxy AI with Samsung Health. One of the benefits of this integration is a better understanding of your health. For example, there is a new Energy Score feature that will provide users with better insight of their daily condition. This analyzes your health metrics like average sleep time, sleep time consistency, sleep/wake time, sleeping heart rate, and so on. It will also be able to provide users with Wellness Tips by offering guidance to help achieve your goals.

Samsung is also expected to apply its AI to its sleep algorithm. This should result in a more detailed analysis of your sleep quality and patterns. If you find yourself not having a good night’s rest, looking at these details could help you figure out a way to address the issue, or maybe seek out professional help if necessary.

There are also new features aimed at those who use their Samsung wearables for fitness. There will be new Aerobic Threshold (AT) / Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone metrics to analyze your performance. It is interesting to see Samsung bring its Galaxy AI to its wearables, but we’ll have to wait and see how useful it really will be.

These new AI tools and features will make its way in the next One UI Watch update later this year. Samsung will launch a beta program this June for a limited number of Galaxy Watch users.

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