Fierce Competition from Huawei Forces Apples to Slash Prices in China


Things have changed a lot for Apple – once at the top of the smartphone market, the Cupertino-based tech giant has experienced slow-downs in terms of sales in the past months, in addition to poor Vision Pro sales, a massive lawsuit from the US government and regulatory mandates from the European Union.

In China for example, the continued dominance of local premium brands such as Huawei has actually forced Apple to cut prices across all its devices, in an attempt to gain back some marketshare. For instance, the company’s base model iPhone 15 is currently priced at 4,599 yuan ($636) down from 5,999 yuan, while the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max is going for 7,949 yuan ($1,199), much lower than its 9,999 yuan launch price.

With that in mind however, the price cuts are temporary, and will only run from May 20 up until the 28th.

Not too long ago, a report claimed that the company reduced its orders for Vision Pro devices, following a sharp drop in demand in the United States. It’s also stated that Apple has likewise cut orders before launching the Vision Pro outside the US, forcing the company to re-evaluate demand elsewhere in the world.

Source: MacRumors

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