Eight Best Mobile Games That Will Surprise You In 2024


Allegedly, our mobile phones are for keeping in touch with each other, answering calls and occasionally checking on our social media. Well, that is what some people think. However, it has recently been revealed that a quarter of Gen Zers never answer their phones and claim the idea of doing so ‘freaks them out’. Many feel much happier using SnapChat or text to prevent mistakes or avoid misunderstandings. However, we all know that even written communications can be misconstrued, so even that is not foolproof. 

One thing for sure, though, is that our smartphones are brilliant for playing games. If mobile phones were created to keep us talking to each other when out and about, then it could be said that smartphones have evolved into the perfect game consoles we can take anywhere. Whether you are a serious gamer or just a casual quizzer, there are all kinds of games you can enjoy. Here are a few that we think might surprise you, 

LOL Surprise! Room Makeover

LOL Surprise! Room Makeover is a Match 3 decorating game where you will be creating custom decorations for each of the Crew’s Club rooms. You will earn coins and unlock surprise balls. You can then use these to introduce new Dolls, Pets, and Furniture so that each room reflects your chosen style. There are hundreds of LOL Surprise! Balls and the game celebrates the world’s favorite toys. The developers describe it as vibrant and playful.

Surprise: All-in-one fun

Surprise: All-in-one-fun looks like a game that should be avoided. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise. The app promises to turn real life into a game and deliver surprises from your favorite brands while playing games and watching videos from your favorite content creators. However, it appears to be more of a nightmare than a dream, with one reviewer claiming it ‘completely ruined my phone’ and describing it as containing ‘bloatware, Spyware, and malware’.

NYT Games

If you thought the New York Times was all about news, think again. Time-poor puzzlers love this app to wake up their brains with a quick workout. NYT Games includes the classics – Wordle, Sudoku, and Spelling Bee. There are new free puzzles every day including a mini-crossword that players race against the clock to compete. They have recently introduced Connections, where you need to try and group random words together, and, still in the beta stage, Strands is a reimaging of a word search.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an oldie but a goldie. You might wonder how much fun there is to be had dashing and dodging oncoming trains but the game has been downloaded over a billion times and continues to grow. Its enduring appeal is staggering and is down to its clever use of social media and collaborations and constant updates that keep it fresh and exciting. 

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is one of SEGA’s best-selling games of all time. It still feels fresh and exciting despite being more than thirty years old. The second game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was launched in North America and Europe on November 24th, 1992, on ‘Sonic 2sDay’ – the marketing teams could not resist the play on words. This Super Sonic masterpiece features running, jumping, and awesome arcade action. Arch villain Dr Eggman is out to stop the super-speedy team of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, and you need to help them find the seven Chaos Emeralds and prevent him from completing his Death Egg. It’s still surprisingly good fun!

Sweepstakes Casinos

You might think that online casino gambling is not allowed in your state. However, if you enjoy casino games and have the space on your phone, you are in for a pleasant surprise as sweepstakes are now a big part of casinos, and because you do not directly pay to play, they are legal just about everywhere. They offer a fun and unique gaming experience. The surprising thing is there is a chance to win cash prizes but you do not need to place a real-money bet to be in with a chance of winning. Sweepstakes casinos are all about Gold Coins, bonus offers, and lots of fun.

Cat Garden – Food Party Tycoon

Anyone familiar with cats knows how they love to surprise their owners by meowing loudly in the middle of the night, pretending their biscuit bowl is empty despite it being full, or going off their latest favorite food when you have just stocked up. Well, Cat Garden – Food Party Tycoon lets you play along with cats, their funny ways, and their food quirks. The game promises new furry friends, sushi, and adorableness. 

This tail-spinning experience is easy to play and lets you earn lots of coins. Reviewers like that there are no forced ads, but there seem to be a few visual issues. One player was surprised to see the animals walk through each other, but the developer has promised to correct that! If the garden is not your place to hang out, there is also an Office Cat variant.

King Arthur: Legends Rise

King Arthur: Legends Rise is a much-hyped game from Kabam. The graphics are superb, and you are promised an epic experience when you make a deal with the Dragon. This game is billed as the future of turn-based RPGs. As a player, you will explore a massive, interactive, action-packed world where you collect and upgrade mythical creatures and legendary heroes. As part of the fantasy Arthurian Squad, you will work to restore Camelot to its former glory. War is raging, and the ancient gods have awoken to enslave all of humanity. In this game, Arthur and his trusty sword, Excalibur, have made a dark pact with the Dragon trapped within the sword. The only surprising thing about this title is that there is still no confirmed date when it will be available. However, pre-registration links are available.

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