Windows just got an AI-powered copy and paste feature


The copy and paste feature has been around for pretty much forever. It is straightforward, you copy the image/text you want and paste it into another program. But Microsoft decided that maybe the feature is too boring and have decided to jazz it up by introducing AI-powered copy and paste to Windows.

This comes in the form of a new feature called Advanced Paste. Basically when you’re pasting a copied item, like text, you have the option of using AI prompts to get it to format it in a different way. So instead of pasting it exactly as how you copied it, you can get the AI to create a summary of it or translate it.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this feature isn’t native to Windows. Instead, it is part of Microsoft’s PowerToys, an optional app that offers additional features for Windows. Also, another thing to note is that you’ll need to have an OpenAI API key for this to work. You’ll have to purchase credits from OpenAI to use it, so it’s not exactly free.

We’ll admit it’s an interesting feature, but we’re not sure if Microsoft may have made copy and paste in Windows unnecessarily advanced. Microsoft seems to be on an AI spree. The company recently unveiled a bunch of new computers they’re calling “Copilot+ PCs”, which are basically computers that come with AI features.

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