The best Wear OS Watch Faces using Watch Face Format


The watch face on your Wear OS smartwatch (or any smartwatch for that matter) is more than just about personal preference or customization. Some watch faces have more complications than others, which means that it might drain the battery on your smartwatch a bit faster. This is why Google worked with Samsung to create the Watch Face Format.

For those unfamiliar, the Watch Face Format was originally introduced in Wear OS 4 back in 2023. It was developed in partnership with Samsung and uses a declarative XML format. This means that there is no executable code in the watch face’s APK. It makes it better for battery optimization and requires less maintenance compared to watch faces built using the Jetpack Watch Face libraries.

So if you own a Wear OS smartwatch and want a watch face that could improve your smartwatch’s battery life, here are some options you can check out.

Best Watch Face Format watch faces

Vanishing Hour

This is a watch face that was designed in collaboration between Layton Diament and Luka Kilic. It features an analog watch face design that “vanishes” as the minute hand moves forward. It has a very clean and minimal look that is perfect for those who want something understated.

Minimal & Simple Watch

Minimal & Simple is another clean and simple-looking watch face for Wear OS smartwatches. It has an uncluttered display that will show you only the essentials you might expect from a watch, such as the time and date.


For those who want a more comprehensive design with additional details and complications, S4U RC One could be the Watch Face Format watch face for you. Users can opt for something clean and minimal, or jazz it up with additional complications depending on their needs and preferences.


Typograph is a somewhat unique looking watch face. It features very bold looking fonts that users can choose from. It is also very minimalistic in design where it only shows the hands of the watch along with the 12, 3, 6, and 9 numbers. Users have the option of adding complications or keep it simple if they want.

MNML Analog

For those who value the truly minimalistic look, the MNML Analog is the watch face for you. It sports bold colored watch hands and that’s pretty much it. The hands have small text depicting the actual time, but otherwise it has a very unobstructed look. Additional customization options are available but ultimately it’s your choice!

Military Classic

If the clean and minimal look isn’t for you, then the Military Classic watch face could be a good option. It sports a considerably more detailed look that will provide you with access to a variety of information, like battery life, a progress bar for your steps, the day, the week, heart rate, and more.

Moon Steps

For those who love tracking the lunar cycle, then Moon Steps is the watch face for you. It features the Moon phase that is updated on a daily basis, as well as basic information like the month and date, battery life, days of the week, step counter, and of course, the time.


Monospace bills itself as a minimalistic watch face for Wear OS, but it is also kind of trippy at the same time. The main time is displayed in one color, but it is accented by a different color that gives off acid tripping kind of vibes. Users have the option to add up to two complications, but otherwise it’s clean and simple.


Alpine is another Watch Face Format designed watch face for Wear OS. It doesn’t quite sport your typical watch face design, but it somehow manages to balance between looking clean and simple while being informative. It shows the time, obviously, but users can configure the complications to add more data like the weather, battery life, date, and more.

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