HMD Global begins Renaming Nokia Phones under its own Brand


A while back, we got word that HMD Global – who currently licenses Nokia’s mobile device business – is planning on rebranding some of the Finnish brand’s existing smartphones and tablets under the HMD brand, in a move to slowly move away from the legacy Nokia brand.

READ: HMD will Relaunch Existing Nokia Devices Under its Own Brand

With that in mind, it looks like the company has gone ahead with this plan, and is now selling the XR21 and T21 tablet sans Nokia logo – the devices now simply feature “HMD” on the rear panel, and will be sold as the HMD XR21 and HMD T21. Existing Nokia-branded stock will be sold until supplies run out.

A while back, HMD Global made it clear that it was moving beyond the Nokia brand name for its smart devices, and it’s expected that the company will designate the Nokia naming scheme for use with low-end feature phones. The company also launched a trio of new budget phones under the HMD “Pulse” lineup, which feature low-end specs.

The Nokia naming for mobile phones is still technically alive, though – HMD also announced a more modern take on the fan-favourite Nokia 3210, which now features more modern hardware including a larger color display, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth and expandable storage.

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