Google just showed how useful AI could be in education


The overall AI announcements at Google I/O 2024 left us feeling a little underwhelmed. A lot of it felt like just enhanced versions of existing software. Don’t get us wrong, some of it was impressive, but not exactly what we had imaged AI to be. But there were some gems in the announcement, like how Google plans to use AI to benefit the education sector.

We all learn at different paces and from different methods. Some learn best while reading theory. Others learn better through practical application. Some prefer reading a textbook, while others prefer learning through active discussions. This is where Google’s AI could come through.

The company announced that they would be bringing Gemini 1.5 Pro to NotebookLM. For those unfamiliar, NotebookLM is a platform where users can upload documents and use AI to summarize its content, and then ask questions about it. By integrating Gemini 1.5 Pro to the platform, it unlocks additional features.

During the demo, Google showed how users can jump into the “conversation” between the AI to ask it education related questions. They also showed how users could ask questions on behalf of someone else, like a younger student, and create more age-appropriate examples to help them learn. Assuming it works as advertised, it is kind of mind-blowing to see.

This can help students learn much better. There might be some students who are shy to ask questions in class, or don’t grasp the concept but have no one else to talk to about it. With Gemini 1.5 Pro coming to NotebookLM, students can ask away without fear of being shamed or scolded or met with an exasperated look.

It sounds extremely promising and it makes us wish that such technology had been around during our schooling years.

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