You Can now Create Custom Stickers on Telegram


Telegram recently announced that it was giving folks the option of creating their own custom stickers, a feature which has started rolling out for users worldwide. With that said, the Sticker feature is only the first of several to come this month, with 16 more updates coming in the next few weeks.

With the creation tool, users can take any photo they have and add text, drawings, and even animated GIFs available via Telegram. To start making stickers, users will need to open the sticker panel from their input field in any chat, and then tap the inviting (+) button. Users can then cut out objects from photos and remove backgrounds, and even manually erase/restore certain parts of a photo, as well as add an outline to their sticker.

Additionally, users can create a sticker set which they can then send over to friends to use for themselves. Users can also choose to remove or add more stickers to a custom set. To add a sticker to a set, users will need to select an emoji that best describes the sticker’s emotion. Telegram will also use AI to suggest an emoji based on the selected image, such as an animal or objects.

Telegram says that it’s also added added link previews for all sticker and emoji sets.

Source: Telegram

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