Apple’s number one spot in the smartphone market didn’t last long


For the longest time ever, Samsung dominated the smartphone market. They pretty much held onto the number one spot, at least until last year. Last year, Apple managed to dethrone Samsung and claim the number one position, but it looks like Apple’s claim to the throne did not last very long.

According to the latest figures from the IDC, Samsung has managed to reclaim their position. The numbers reveal that for Q1 2024, Samsung managed to ship 60.1 million units of smartphones which gave them a 20.8% market share. This is versus Apple who only shipped 50.1 million units which represented a 17.3% market share.

Both Apple and Samsung actually saw a decline in year-over-year shipments, but Apple seemed to take a larger hit of -9.6%. Samsung on the other hand only saw a decline of 0.7%. In third place is Xiaomi with a 14.1% market share and a growth of 33.8%. Transsion came in fourth place with a 9.9% market share, but saw the largest growth of 84.9% year-over-year. Oppo came in fifth place with an 8.7% market share.

To be fair, Samsung released its flagship phones earlier this year which probably gave them a boost. It will be interesting to see if Apple’s release of their new iPhones later this year will let them overtake Samsung again. But until that happens, for now it looks like Samsung is once again reigning supreme.

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