Google launches a paid version of Chrome


One of the ways Google has managed to ingrain itself into our lives is by making the majority of its products and services free of charge. The company does sell products and services that require a fee, such as Google One, but it looks like they’ll be extending that to Chrome by introducing a paid version of the browser.

Before you get too upset, note that the current version of Chrome you’re probably using right now will remain free. Instead, this paid version of Chrome, also known as Chrome Enterprise Premium, is entirely optional. You don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to, but you might also want to pay for it if its additional features are appealing and could be of use to you.

According to Google, Chrome Enterprise Premium is more geared towards users who want advanced security features while they browse the web. For example, IT admins can create things like custom permissions. It also comes with automatic warnings on malware, additional protection against phishing, and AI powered security features.

This isn’t to say that the current version of Chrome is “less” secure. It is still quite a secure browser with a ton of security features to protect users against online threats, but the paid version will offer more advanced security and malware screening tools that maybe enterprise users might appreciate. Chrome Enterprise Premium will be priced at $6 per user per month.

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