Google’s Workspace Tools just got a Huge Boost


Google’s heavy integration of AI technologies into its software and hardware products has proven to be one of its top priorities over the past year. In addition to infusing its Pixel smartphones with Gemini features, it looks like Google is doing the same with its Workspace tools, as revealed during Cloud Next 2024. The new features cover different services and tools, both on mobile and web.

With Docs, Google is introducing a new tabs feature that works by organizing relevant information within a single document, instead of linking multiple other files when searching for a certain subject. Docs will also get support for for full-bleed cover images at the top, which is expected to rollout over the coming weeks.

For Gmail on mobile devices, Google is updating the “Help me write” feature, which will now work with voice prompts, in addition to an “instant polish” feature that can give drafts an instant do-over.

Meanwhile, Google says that it’s also bringing over Gemini to Google Chat, which will give users access to summarized conversations, as well as the ability to answer questions. Chat is also scheduled to receive automatic message translation within the year – Google will also increase spaces capacity to 500,000 members.

“Translate for me” makes its way to Google Meet, with updated support for automatic language detection and translation of 69, or 4,600 language pairs. It should be noted that Google that Gemini in Chat and Meet will be included in an “AI Meetings and Messaging” bundle for enterprise users, starting at $10 per user/month. For enterprise users, Google also says that it will offer an AI security add-on for file security in Google drive.

Source: 9to5Google

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