Google Axion is an Arm-based CPU designed for data centers


Google is no stranger when it comes to using Arm-based technology for its products. A few years ago, the company launched its Tensor chipset that is used to power its Pixel devices. But now it looks like Google is looking beyond just smartphones. The company has since announced Axion, an Arm-based CPU that will be used to power Google’s data centers.

According to Google, its Axion CPU offers a 30% increase in performance compared to some of the fastest general-purpose Arm-based tools that are in the cloud today. They also claim that it offers up to 50% better performance compared to current-gen x86 alternatives. For those who are also concerned about the energy that data centers consume, the Axion CPU is also quite energy efficient, up to 60% more so than its x86-based competitors.

Google is actually not the first to use Arm-based technology for data centers. In 2018, Amazon launched its Graviton processor. NVIDIA also launched their own Arm-based CPU, Grace, back in 2021 which are also designed for data centers. There is a reason why Arm-based technology is starting to become more favored.

Compared to x86 platforms, Arm-based processors are more energy efficient. It is why Apple’s M-series powered laptops can offer considerably more battery life compared to their Intel counterparts. Also, given the rise in AI and the need for cloud computing, opting for more energy-efficient technology makes sense in the long-run.

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