Spotify Introduces AI Playlists: Here’s How to Create One


Generative AI’s continued integration into modern hardware and software products has undoubtedly been apparent in the past year alone, with nearly every single company online banking in on the AI craze. With that said though, not many are using it in creatively unorthodox ways, aside from slapping it on as a selling point.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with Spotify’s newest feature, however – the music streaming platform recently announced that it will be giving users the ability to create an “AI Playlist” using text-based prompts, which is a new and interesting approach to crafting a custom music playlist. The feature will initially roll out for users in Australia and the United Kingdom, as per an official announcement from Spotify:

Starting with users on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, creating a new playlist with AI Playlist is as simple as typing a unique prompt into the chat. Looking for “an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug,” “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season,” or “a playlist that makes me feel like the main character”? AI Playlist has you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert playlist creator, AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalization technology with AI to deliver that perfect musical mix, just for you.

Creating an AI Playlist is relatively easy as well. To access the feature, users need to head to the Spotify mobile app and select “Your Library” at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and follow the steps below:

  • From Your Library, tap the “+” button at the top-right corner of the app and select “AI Playlist.”
  • Select one of the suggested prompts or type your own. Sky seems to be the limit with the text prompts for the feature (at least according to how Spotify has described it so far).
  • Spotify will then offer some tracks based on your description.
  • From there, you can easily manage the selection of songs by previewing and deleting tracks. Users can also revise and refine generated playlists by telling AI Playlist what they’re after (i.e., “more pop” or “less upbeat”).
  • Tap “Create,” and your new playlist will be saved automatically in Your Library.

Source: Spotify

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