Alleged Google Ad Shows Pixel 8a in Blue and White


Google’s Pixel 8a has been the subject of several leaks and speculation for the past few months, and while it’s not official yet we more or less have an idea of what to expect from the upcoming handset. More recently, a supposed Google ad showing the Pixel 8a has been making rounds, after being spotted online via a YouTube video.

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The post shows a screenshot of an ad for Google Fi, which shows the Pixel 8a (based on its appearance on earlier leaks) in blue and white colorways, alongside details on Google Fi deals. The phone in the ad resembles what we’ve seen on early leaks, especially with the slightly smaller camera window, as well as the flatter camera bar.

With that in mind, we might be one step closer to seeing the Pixel 8a, given that the ad seems to come from Google itself. On the other hand, given the amount of occasional bogus leaks these days, one can’t help but be wary of such things. If true however, we then have another addition to the amount of Pixel leaks roaming the internet right now.

Source: GSM Arena

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