Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could have better battery life


Ever since Samsung made the switch to Wear OS instead of Tizen for its wearables, battery life has taken quite a hit. The company did try to make up for it in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but for some reason went back to a smaller battery in the Galaxy Watch 6. That could change with the Galaxy Watch 7 series where it could launch with better battery life.

According to a report from Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Watch 7 could see an increase in battery life over its predecessor. Apparently it will come with the same battery capacity as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. For context, the Watch 5 Pro has a 590mAh battery, whereas the Watch 6 series has a 425mAh battery.

We’re not sure if this will result in the same amount of use time as the Watch 5 Pro. The Galaxy Watch 7 could launch in three variants where we might see the return of a Pro model. The use of a newer chipset could potentially result in more efficient energy use, thus extending its battery life even further.

Recent rumors are also claiming that Samsung could boost the memory of the watch. It could go from 16GB of storage to 32GB. This isn’t a lot, but for those who download a lot of music and apps, it could be a welcome upgrade. The Galaxy Watch 7 series won’t be launching anytime soon. Samsung could host a Galaxy Unpacked event this July so maybe we’ll see the watches announced then.

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