Google has Removed the Pixel 6a from its Official Store


We suppose it was only a matter of time – a month ago, I got curious and tried shopping around for possible deals on the Pixel 6a via Google’s official online store. While the phone was still listed on the website, clicking on it in an attempt to add it to my basket showed me a greyed-out “out of stock” button. A more recent trip to the website now reveals that the Pixel 6a has entirely disappeared from Google’s product listings.

We suppose it was only a matter of time, given that the Pixel 8a is just around the corner, and while Google still hasn’t announced its availability, there’s no doubt that we’re bound to hear more on it soon. Amazingly though, the Pixel 6a was sold alongside the Pixel 7a even after the latter’s arrival last year, an uncommon sight as Google tends to discontinue sales of previous A-series handsets following the launch of a newer model.

Still, the Pixel 6a will still receive OS upgrades until July 2025, and security patches up until July 2027, so you can still expect a couple of years’ worth of updates should you decide to pick one up – from a third-party retailer, that is.

The Pixel 6a made its debut back in 2022, as a more affordable variant of the Pixel 6. It did come with some key differences in hardware though, such as the smaller display, slower 60hz refresh rate, smaller camera resolution, plastic body, and less RAM. It did come with Google’s flagship Tensor chip, and managed to take impressive-looking photos.

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