Chrome for Android will help you manage your unruly tabs


I don’t know about you all, but I try to keep my mobile tabs as few as possible. I reuse the same tab to visit websites when possible, and I always try to remember to close existing open tabs when they’re no longer needed. That being said, there are some out there who have many tabs open, but if you’re using Chrome on Android, you could get a helping hand.

According to a report from Chrome Story, it seems that Google is working on a new feature for Chrome on Android. The description of the feature says that when tabs are not used for 21 days or more, they will be moved to the “Inactive tabs” section of the browser. The flag also suggests that inactive tabs could be deleted.

What this means for users is that it will help them declutter the tabs in their browser that are no longer in use. There are probably a lot of people out there who have 50 tabs or more that they no longer use but never bother, or forget, to close them. For the most part, having multiple tabs open isn’t an issue for most phones.

Mobile operating systems like Android have a way to manage their memory, but it’s still nice to keep things neat and tidy where possible. The feature isn’t live yet in the public release of Chrome, so it will most likely come in a future update.

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