It Looks Like Google’s Been Testing “AI Overviews” in its Search Results


Google’s consistent doubling-down on its AI-powered projects across its entire product and service lineup has resulted in some rather interesting user experiences, to say the least. More recently, it looks like a number of Google search users in the United states have been getting results with the “AI overview” feature, which provides users with a comprehensive summary of information on their search query.

A while back, Google allowed users to enrol in its Google Search Generative Experience labs feature, and subsequently launched a Search Labs section for users to opt in, granting access to the AI overview functionality. This time however, users who did not opt into the program are still seeing results with AI overview, as reported by the folks over at Search Engine Land.

This is due to Google’s testing on a “subset of queries, on a small percentage of search traffic in the U.S.,” as per a company representative.

Google says that’s pretty confident that the queries will be able to provide users with quality and value with regards to the search function, adding that it will show AI overviews when it’s “truly additive” and in situations when a user would get a better response than what they’d see on Search at the moment.

The company also states that it will be testing “a few different variations.” This is to to get feedback from searchers who have not opted into SGE specifically, and learn how such features might be helpful to a more general population. It should also be said that ads will continue to be present with these AI overview result tests.

Source: Search Engine Land

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