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Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. Toss a rock and you’re bound to hit one. With there being so many options to choose from, it might make it a tough decision for some. But if you’re concerned about sound quality, then maybe this amazing deal for the Marshall Acton III Bluetooth speaker is for you!

The speakers are normally priced at $280, but right now it’s on sale with an 11% discount that knocks $30 off its price tag, bringing it down to a slightly more affordable $250. We know it’s still a lot to spend, but honestly it’s a pretty good deal for Bluetooth speakers.

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The Marshall Acton III is a wired Bluetooth speaker which isn’t great for portability, but if you want something that sounds great in your bedroom or living room, this is it. It features physical dials that lets you control the sound, giving you fine tuning over the bass and treble and volume.

For a speaker this small, the Acton III is also surprisingly loud. Unless you have a very big home or room that you need to fill, the sound levels on the Acton III will surprise you. Be sure to head on over to Amazon if you’d like to take advantage of this deal today!

Marshall Acton III Bluetooth Home Speaker, Black
  • RE-ENGINEERED WIDER STEREO SOUNDSTAGE: This generation of the home line-up has an even wider soundstage than before,...
  • PAIR, PLAY AND TURN IT UP: These speakers are straight to business, so you can just pair and play without the hassle of a...

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