Your next DoorDash order could be delivered by drones


Door-to-door deliveries for food, groceries, and shopping are pretty common these days. For the most part, they’re pretty fast, especially if you’re in no rush. But when you are in a rush, factors like traffic can cause delays. This is why drone deliveries are a great idea. It is also why DoorDash is exploring the idea of using drones for deliveries in the future.

The company has announced a partnership with Wing for its drone delivery pilot program. At the moment, it is a very limited test as it is only available in Christiansburg, VA. It can also only deliver “eligible items” from Wendy’s. This is understood as DoorDash probably wants to get a feel of the potential before committing to more restaurants and areas.

This isn’t the first time that DoorDash and Wing have worked together. Both companies had previously run a similar program in Australia to great success. Wing has also worked with other companies such as Walmart to deliver items to customers in Dallas.

One of the benefits of drone deliveries is that they are faster. Like we said, deliveries can sometimes take longer due to traffic and how fast the delivery person is driving/riding. With drones, it’s more straightforward. There are some limitations of drone deliveries, such as distance. Battery life is another factor, and so is weight. But for smaller food items like a fast food meal, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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