Google Expands the Pixel’s 5G Connectivity Feature to a Few More Countries


Despite its popularity among Android enthusiasts worldwide, one of the biggest weaknesses in Google’s Pixel lineup is that it misses out on features that are soft-locked by Google in “unofficial” regions. For example, buying or using a Pixel phone in an unsupported market outside the US for example limits users to a 4G connection, despite 5G availability on their provider and area.

With that being said, there’s a possibility that Google might have been listening to complaints about this particular issue – it’s now reported that the company has rolled out 5G connectivity to additional regions, which include Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Lichtenstein, and Slovakia, bringing the total number of supported countries up to 38.

Despite 5G availability in these new areas however, Google doesn’t officially sell its Pixels there, as many buyers still have to import their units overseas. For context, some of the Pixel’s official markets include the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, and France to name a few.

With that said however, this should hopefully show the potential of the Pixel’s popularity abroad, and might even prompt Google to sell its smartphones in more countries worldwide.

Source: Android Central

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