Samsung Galaxy S25 could usher in the redesign we’ve been waiting for


Companies usually keep the same design of their phones for a couple of generations. This is because creating new tooling and molds can be expensive. Doing so every year would be quite a costly exercise. That being said, if you’re a Samsung fan, then you might want to hold off until 2025 for the Galaxy S25 which could finally see a redesign.

This is according to a post by tipster yeux1122 who claims that Samsung could usher in a redesign for the Galaxy S25. It will apparently look significantly different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S24. Apparently one of the changes we can look forward to is a bump in display size for the base model.

The current Galaxy S24 base model has a 6.2-inch display. The post by yeux1122 claims that Samsung will increase it to 6.36-inches. It also seems that this is inspired by the upcoming iPhone 16 which is also rumored to see an increase in display size for the base model, going from 6.1-inches to 6.3-inches.

Samsung kind of introduced a new design with the Galaxy S24. The company opted to ditch the curved displays for a more traditional flat display. Overall, the phone still looks very much like its predecessors. It’s not a bad thing, though, but if you wanted something different, then the Galaxy S25 could be for you.

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