Samsung’s new mid-ranger won’t be coming stateside


The other day, Samsung announced both the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 mid-range smartphones. The Galaxy A35 will be launching stateside, but it looks like the Galaxy A55 will be skipping the US market. This was confirmed by Samsung in a statement to both Android Authority and CNET.

It is unclear why the Galaxy A55 will not be launching stateside, but there is speculation as to why. According to Android Authority, they point out that there are a bunch of other Samsung phones in a similar price range. The Galaxy A55, after conversion, would be priced around the $500-ish mark.

For that price, there are other phones like the base Galaxy S23 model and the Galaxy S23 FE. Both of these phones have impressive hardware specs and are in a similar price range. This means that there would be almost no reason for someone to buy the Galaxy A55 when they can get a 2023 flagship instead.

This would make it the first time that a Galaxy A5X series phone did not launch stateside. It’s also interesting because Samsung’s previous Galaxy A3X series did not launch in the US, but the Galaxy A35 is. This suggests that there could be a shift in Samsung’s strategy. We’re not sure if Samsung will change their minds later on, but for now if you want the Galaxy A55 and you’re living in the states, you’re out of luck.

But in the meantime, there are other Samsung phones in a similar price range which we mentioned above. Those are worth checking out if you don’t want to spend more than $600 on a new smartphone.

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