Someone found an unexpected use for the Apple Vision Pro


There’s no denying that Apple did an impressive job with the Vision Pro’s capabilities. Especially so with the gestures which allows users to interact with the device almost like magic. It isn’t the perfect device as it has its fair share of problems, such as price. But if Apple cannot appeal to consumers, they could consider industrial use for the Vision Pro instead.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, it appears that the Apple Vision Pro has managed to find a place in an operating theater. During a spinal repair of a patient, a surgical team used the headset. Note that the surgeon did not use the headset. Instead, it was the scrub nurse where the device was used to help keep track of the procedure and help choose the right tools.

The idea behind using the Vision Pro during surgery was to cut down on guesswork and reduce the chance of human error. This is according to Syed Aftab, the surgeon in question. By having all the details of the operation superimposed over reality, it allowed the team to work efficiently together. This can be crucial especially when working with medical staff they have never worked with before.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen commercial technology being used in unexpected situations. For example, the Microsoft Kinect which was created as a gaming device had previously also been used for medical procedures. We’re not sure if this is what Apple intends for the Vision Pro. But it could be a potential area that Apple could tap into if it doesn’t pick up on the consumer front.

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