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There is a lot to like about tablet-laptop hybrid devices. They’re perfect if you need a slim computer with a touchscreen, but the detachable keyboard means you have an input device to help with longer documents and emails and other productivity items. The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is a good example, and this deal for the computer is definitely worth checking out.

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The Surface Pro 9 is a tablet-laptop hybrid that’s powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core processor. This means that users can look forward to amazing performance, whether it be for work or play. The battery of the computer is rated for 15.5 hours, so if you’re out working all day, you’re covered. It also boasts a compact 13-inch touchscreen display that’s perfect if you need a computer that can easily fit into a bag.

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The Surface Pro 9 does not come with a keyboard, but you can add the keyboard and Slim Pen 2 as a bundle separately, but thanks to this deal, you’ll be saving yourself some money. All in all, the Surface Pro 9 is an excellent Windows computer if you need to work or play on the go. So, if you’ve been eyeing the computer but always felt it was a bit too expensive, then click here to claim this Amazon deal today!

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (2022), 13" 2-in-1 Tablet & Laptop, Thin &...
  • Built on the Intel Evo platform with 12th Gen Intel Core processors.[2].Control method:touch.connectivity Technology :...
  • Up to 15.5hours of battery life.[4]

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