Latest Waze update introduces new safety, convenience features


Waze is a great navigational app if you need to find your way around a new city or want to take the fastest route to your destination. This doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There can always be improvements. If you’re a frequent Waze user, then you might want to check out the latest update that introduces new safety and convenience features to the app.

According to the update, users can look forward to new features like alerts to road hazards such as sharp curves, speed bumps, and toll booths. The update also introduces new speed limit warnings. This will give users more time to slow down to match the limits to avoid potential fines.

Another feature part of the update includes navigating roundabouts. With this change, the app can indicate which lane they should choose and where to exit. There are also safety features to help first responders. Waze will show users if first responders are stopped along their route so they can make driving adjustments accordingly.

Waze has also announced that they are teaming up with Flash to help users find parking. This will give users information about parking garages, costs, if it’s covered, if it has wheelchair accessibility, and more. Users can also make reservations for parking spots within the app itself.

Some of these changes and updates are regional, so depending on where you live, you might not get them. Waze is rolling out the rest of these safety and convenience features as we speak, so make sure to update the app.

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