Xiaomi 15 could get a massive fingerprint sensor upgrade


Most of us probably don’t really think too much about the fingerprint sensors in our phones. As long as it works and it’s secure, that’s all that really matters. But there are different types of fingerprint sensors, such as optical and ultrasonic. According to tipster Digital Chat Station, it seems that Xiaomi might give the Xiaomi 15 a fingerprint sensor upgrade.

The post on Weibo claims that for the Xiaomi 15, the company could ditch the use of an optical fingerprint sensor in favor of an ultrasonic one. For those wondering what’s the difference, ultrasonic sensors work by measuring the ridges and gaps in our fingerprints. Optical sensors, on the other hand, use light to match your fingerprint against the data stored on your phone.

Ultrasonic sensors have the advantage of working even when your hands are wet or dirty. It is also more secure because it measures the actual ridges in your fingerprint, so it would be harder for someone to fake your prints. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 use ultrasonic sensors, but the Xiaomi 14 still uses an optical.

Users probably won’t notice too big of a difference at the end of the day, but it’s still a nice upgrade to have. The Xiaomi 15 will most likely launch towards the end of the year, so we still have a bit of waiting to do before we get all the details.

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