Google’s Latest Pixel Watch Update Goes Live


Google has just announced a handful of new and useful features for its Pixel smartphones, although that doesn’t mean that it’s forgotten about its wearables – in fact, the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 also got some new additional software functions.

First up is the arrival of the Fitbit Relax App, which guides users through breathing exercises, all the while tracking how much “moments of mindfulness” a user has completed. The update also brings Auto Workout mode, which will automatically start and stop workouts when it detects them; the feature is designed to work with running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill and rowing exercises.

Google Pixel Watch - Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Activity Tracking -...
  • The Google Pixel Watch has a beautiful circular, domed design and new experience with Wear OS by Google, so it’s easy to...
  • Stay on top of activity, calories burned, and more with Fitbit activity tracking[2] Plus, enjoy 6 months of Fitbit Premium...

Also included with the update is Pace Training, which allows users to set a goal pace using the Pixel Watch’s GPS and motion sensors; the watch will also notify users if they fall outside of their target. Additionally, there’s added support for Heart Zone training, which provides users a way to keep an eye on how much time they spend in their heart rate zones, based on fitness levels and resting heart rate.

Finally, the update also brings over Google Maps, with support for public transit directions, including real-time departure times, different transit options, as well as a compass-enabled map view as users make their way to their destination.

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