Samsung is Working on New High-Speed Micro SD Cards


In addition to its Galaxy phones and other high-end smart devices, Samsung is also known for its wide range of external and portable storage solutions, which include its micro SD cards and hard drives. As such, Samsung recently announced that it’s started sampling its 256GB SD Express microSD card, which features read speeds of up to 800 megabytes per second.

Additionally, the company also announced that it has begun mass production of its 1TB UHS-1 microSD card. Hangu Sohn, Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics states:

“With our two new microSD cards, Samsung has provided effective solutions to address the growing demands of mobile computing and on-device AI… Despite their tiny size, these memory cards deliver powerful SSD-like performance and capacity to help users get more out of demanding modern and future applications.”

Samsung hasn’t exactly specified how much the new micro SD cards will be, although it did give a timeline of when buyers can expect the new cards to arrive. The 256GB SD Express microSD card will be made available for purchase later in 2024, while the 1TB UHS-1 microSD card is set to launch within Q3 2024.

Source: Samsung

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