You’ll Soon be Able to Access Google Gemini via your Messages App


The rise of generative AI especially within the context of modern smartphones has certainly been an interesting trend to witness, especially with the barrage of newer devices capable of running custom AI models. While it’s had its own set of challenges recently, Google’s very own Gemini AI might soon make its way from the app directly to your inbox – and we mean literally.

For those unfamiliar, Google recently introduced a new set of upcoming productivity features for Android, with one of them being the ability to chat with Gemini directly via your Messages app, as opposed to a dedicated app on your phone. As per Google’s official announcement:

“Starting this week in beta in English, you can access Gemini right in Google Messages on your Android phone. Chat with Gemini to draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events or simply have a fun conversation without leaving the Messages app.”

This does open a whole new realm of possibilities for interacting with Gemini, which has faced a bit of criticism as it still can’t function entirely similarly to Google Assistant, despite Google’s attempts to slowly push it as an Assistant replacement.

As mentioned however, the feature won’t be readily available for all Android users, as it’s still technically in the beta phase. With that in mind, this won’t be the only Gemini feature that Google will be working on, as it continues to fine-tune Gemini’s human image generation capabilities, following some user complaints not too long ago.

Source: Google

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