Age of Empires is Arriving for Mobile Platforms, but with a Catch


The “Age of Empire” game series has without a doubt become one of the most influential franchises especially for PC gamers, thanks to impressive strategic gameplay elements. With that being said, it looks like the franchise will soon be making its way to mobile gaming platforms, but with a catch.

As such, World’s Edge studio and Tencent subsidiary TiMi Studio Group announced they are collaborating on a mobile spin-off of Age of Empires, with a planned launch for 2024. One caveat though is that the game will be significantly different from the mainline series, and will incorporate mobile gaming elements into its core gameplay.

Commenting about the game, producer Robin Xin spoke to IGN in an interview stating:

“The original title was how I learned to use a mouse and keyboard… So when you grow up playing Age of Empires, you learn the different aspects of the game. First off I was always trying to build my base to be more powerful. Then, I got into the combat… But just the fact that this series can offer different ways to engage with it, shows why it’s such a great title to work on.”

This means a free-to-play structure with in-app purchases, base building, combat, and certain RTS mechanics. The game will also give players access to several characters throughout history such as King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, Leonidas I, Alexander I, Khalid, Durgavati, and the Queen of Shiba.

The Age of Empires mobile spin off will undergo beta testing in select markets, although interested players in supported countries can pre-register for the game today.

Source: IGN

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