ASUS Zenfone 11 Ultra could move beyond the compact design


We know that many people love the big screens of their phones. Playing games, surfing the web, and watching movies is much more enjoyable on a larger display. The problem is that larger displays can be unwieldy, which is why the 2023 ASUS Zenfone 10 was one of our favorite devices. But it looks like that could change with the ASUS Zenfone 11 Ultra.

ASUS has teased the launch of the Zenfone 11 Ultra on its website. The company has included some marketing terms like “ultra size” and “expand your vision”. This suggests that the handset could move beyond the compact form factor of its predecessor. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Like we said, larger displays are more attractive but you might have to give up on using the phone with one hand. Other than that, it really boils down to personal preference. It is also possible that ASUS could have a non-Ultra model in the works with a smaller and more compact design.

The handset is currently scheduled for a launch on the 14th of March at 8AM ET. Specs of the handset are unknown at this point in time. Given that it is a flagship, we can probably expect the usual suspects. Either way, we should have all the official details then, so check back with us for updates.

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