Google Hit with Lawsuit Over Pixel Heating Problems


As great as they are, it’s no secret that Google’s Pixel Android phones aren’t exactly perfect, with occasional hardware and software hiccups every now and then. In particular, the Pixel phones have somewhat become notorious due to their heating issues, which have prompted countless complaints and device returns.

More recently however, it looks like a scorned buyer has taken things one step further by taking the tech giant to court. As such, plaintiff Jennifer Hyatt filed a class action lawsuit in California over the Pixel 6 Pro, after going through “numerous” replacement devices, each of which was affected by the overheating issue.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that Google had prior knowledge of the hardware defect, although it supposedly decided to sell its phones anyway despite such issues, without any prior warning to buyers. Hyatt now seeks for Google to issue a product recall, and refund buyers who purchased the Pixel 6 Pro.

With all that being said, it should be noted that this is merely the beginning of a class action lawsuit, which will still need to pass a number of processes before anything substantial can proceed.

Source: Android Authority

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