5G Adoption has Significantly Increased Worldwide, Data Shows

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The debut of 5G technology a few years back was an interesting time for the mobile industry, as it coincided with the onset of several major global events, as well as the debut of new mobile handsets which at the time were just beginning to adopt 5G-enabled hardware, giving users access to faster data speeds and such.

With that in mind, new data from Ookla shows that 5G integration has reached new numbers worldwide, with recent analysis showing that newer 5G markets including regions such as India, Malaysia and Brazil have led to an uplift in worldwide median performance.

In addition to the rising number of 5G locations worldwide, 5G download speeds have likewise shown an increase, with as much as 17% in 2023 at an average of 207.42 Mbps. By contrast though, 5G upload speeds haven’t changed much, with only a 1% year-on-year increase to 19.90 Mbps. Latency has likewise remained the same with most users experiencing a 5G connection latency of 44 ms.

A geographical interpretation of this data from Ookla paints a clearer picture, with a map outlining several key regions that have adopted 5G connection speeds within their network infrastructure.

Source: Ookla

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