If You Bought a OnePlus 12R, you Might be Entitled to a Refund


Following user complaints regarding the storage configuration on certain models of the OnePlus 12R, it looks like OnePlus is now offering users a refund for their purchase of the smartphone. A new community post from OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu confirms that users who want to claim a refund on their OnePlus 12R have until March 16 to do so. Part of his statement reads:

“Thank you for your patience. I would like to share that our customer service teams are now fully briefed on the situation and have been helping those of you with concerns over the last few days.”

“If you’ve received a OnePlus 12R 256GB variant and want to discuss the situation with the file system type on your phone, please contact Customer Service through your usual channel. They will be able to discuss next steps with you, up to and including a refund until 16th March 2024.”

Originally, the OnePlus 12R was marketed as having UFS 4.0 storage speeds, although it later turned out that the phone only features UFS 3.1 speeds, which is considerably slower. For those unfamiliar with the technicality behind it, UFS 4.0 offers up to 4,200MBps in read speeds and 2,800MBps in write speeds, while UFS 3.1 on the other hand offers 2,100MBps and 1,200MBps, respectively.

The OnePlus 12R was launched earlier this year as the global variant of the OnePlus Ace 3, which was initially sold in China.

Source: OnePlus

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